One Good Demo

by Leg Day

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released March 29, 2016

Jordon Vulgamore
Jordan Watson

Album Artwork:
Justus Claghorn



all rights reserved


Leg Day Kansas City, Missouri


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Track Name: Cowards
I'm not feeling well,
not that you'd care.
I tried to wipe my mind,
but this shit's still stuck to me.

Turn around.
Walk away.
Brick walls
stopping me.
Words; thoughts.
It's not me.
Please stop.
I will change.

I am no fucking coward.

Mom would be sad.
So would my dad.
I can't leave here,
but I can't breathe here.
Track Name: Sunnyvale Real Estate
Don't wanna leave my home today.
Don't wanna go in the freezing rain.
Just wanna be lazy,
break bread, and have drinks.
Last time this happened to me,
I just laid there lonely.

Think I'll just lay here again?
Well, you're wrong my friend.
Think I'll do something inspiring
like fill my glass with juice and gin,
try to figure out how this could end.
Last time I did this,
I woke up in a puddle of piss.

Is there no one else like this?
Starting to feel like an alcoholic.

Your eyes are cold as ice.
Look at me when you're feeling nice.
Just when I thought our cells would splice,
I'm itching for love like hair and lice.

This basement's got me freezing, Christ.
Should've went outside in the ice.
Guess that's the fucking way she goes.
He is barb, and I am Bo-Bandy.
Track Name: Canada and Mexico
I wanna go back to Mexico.
I don't care if it's where you want to go.

I don't care where we end up.
I don't care if we hang up.

Back to the roads and the streets that we do not know.
I don't care if we don't like it,
I just wanna see where this place will be when we meet.

I don't care where we go.
I don't care if we end up in Canada.